On Thursday, March 27, thirty eight Boost kids took a trek to Manhattan College for an activity-filled day. The day started with a scavenger hunt, in which students had to find clues to piece together a hidden message. Next, the students took a stroll into one of the classrooms in Miguel Hall. They next went on a tour of the campus lead by Ariel and ?. The students visited one of the dorms on campus, followed with a visit inside the gym, then the library. From there the kids were treated to lunch followed by dessert. We headed back outdoors, where they met a member of the women's soccer team, who demonstrated some skills and picked students to do the same. The students then did team building skills by forming a chained circle and going through a hula-hoop and also participated in eliminating numbers and not falling in the lava game. The students had a ball and they also realized how close the college is from where they live, as many did not know the school location. I believe Manhattan College has gained new students for years to come. My expectations were exceeded and I am a very proud alum. Thank you Dr. Rizopoulos and Dr, Merriman, until next year.

Boost kids posing in front of Chapel at Manhattan College

Upcoming Events

7th grade Trip to the Intrepid on Friday, May 9th
8th grade Boost kids only to the 13th Annual Middle School Dinner on Tuesday, May 27th
NY Liberty vs San Antonio 7PM June 5th
All Boost Kids to Medieval Times on Friday, June 13th